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Protein Biochips for Antibody Development

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Protagen AG, Dortmund (Germany) has announced that it is realizing its strategic objective of further distinguishing itself as development partner for life science industries, with the UNIchip® family.

The protein biochips, UNIchip® AV-400 and UNIchip® AV-VAR, are already available.

These products are high-density protein microarrays primarily designed for antibody validation, but can also be used with antibody-like molecules (e.g. affibodies, aptamers).

The UNIchip® AV-400 contains 400 pre-defined and purified human proteins on a nitrocellulose-coated glass slide, which represent a cross section of cellular proteins.

Protagen claims that, using the biochips, the sensitivity, dynamic range, detection limit, and cross reactivity of antibodies can be determined in one single experiment.

With UNIclone® different human expression libraries (=UNIclone® sets) have been generated, which currently contain 10,000 non-redundant re-combinant human clones.