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Qiagen Launches AllPrep RNA/Protein Kit

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Qiagen has announced the launch of AllPrep RNA/Protein Kit, designed to purify total RNA and native protein simultaneously from the same sample of cultured cells.

The purified RNA and protein provide high performance in downstream applications, such as western blotting, enzyme assays, and real-time RT-PCR.

For experiments to validate siRNA-mediated knockdown at the mRNA and protein levels, the kit streamlines sample preparation and allows the number of cell cultures to be significantly reduced.

The spin-column–based procedure is designed to enable purification of RNA and protein from a single cell sample in 40 minutes.

Analysis of the purified RNA on the Agilent® 2100 bioanalyzer typically gives RIN values of 10, indicating intact RNA. The protein fraction contains total protein.

Qiagen also offers a method for simultaneous purification of DNA, RNA, and protein (suitable for western blotting, not for enzyme assays) from cells and tissues.

This method requires use of the AllPrep DNA/RNA Mini Kit and a supplementary protocol, available from Qiagen Technical Services.