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Regulatory Compliant Tissue Microarrays

FDA compliant tissue microarray.
Credit: AMSBIO.
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AMSBIO reports that its extensive range of FDA tissue microarrays reliably enhances tissue cross-reactivity (TCR) and other target validation studies.

These high-quality tissue microarrays (TMAs) enable high-throughput analysis of a panel of tissue types recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Each TMA features multiple normal tissue types from 3 different donor samples on a single slide to enable simultaneous analysis and facilitate the identification of potential cross-reactive and off-target epitopes that have not been previously observed. Gaining this insight early in the discovery process can help prevent costly mistakes that lead to inaccurate diagnostic test results or unwanted side effects from a therapeutic agent.

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Based upon tissue cores verified and quality controlled by a board-licensed pathologist, these TMAs come pre-mounted and ready-to-use, minimizing consumable use via high-throughput, low-cost analysis with guaranteed quality assurance for clinical relevance. AMSBIO’s complete range of FDA TMAs are available in both frozen and FFPE tissue panels from human, rat, and mouse.

Dr Phillip Pridham-Field, AMSBIO’s Business Unit Manager for Biorepository commented “Our FDA compliant tissue microarrays offer a rapid and cost-effective direct method for the validation of biological targets in multiple tissue samples.”. He added “Parallel analysis of multiple specimens not only reduces operating times and conserves reagents, but also enables high-throughput molecular analysis of tissues.”

As well as FDA controls, AMSBIO offers over two thousand tissue microarrays for advanced biomarker and drug target validation research. All TMA are manufactured with samples from AMSBIO’s vast repository of normal human and animal tissue types, plus multiple tumor-type tissue arrays.