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Sigma Launches Functional Cancer Protein Microarray

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Sigma-Aldrich has announced the launch of Panorama Human Cancer Version 1 Protein Functional Microarray.  Developed by Procognia Ltd, UK and licensed exclusively through Sigma-Aldrich, the Cancer V1 protein microarray contains 130 correctly folded proteins. 

These proteins are selected from a recent seminal scientific publication that reviewed and compiled all proteins that are implicated in mediating cancer.

“The field of oncology research has benefited greatly from the post-genome era; however, the characterization of genes alone does not reflect the full dynamics of cellular activity. This level of investigation needs to be conducted at the proteomic level,” commented Michael Hadjisavas, Global Marketing Manager of Proteomics at Sigma-Aldrich.

“Given the complex nature of proteins and their critical role in cancer expression, our focus is to support cancer research at the proteomic level.”

“By utilizing a proprietary immobilization technology that allows proteins to be correctly folded, uniformly orientated and stearically unencumbered, the analysis of protein function and interactions involved in the cancer process that have physiological relevance can be confidently identified."
The Panorama Human Cancer V1 Protein Functional Microarray is an addition to the Sigma-Aldrich microarray product line. 

This product extends Sigma's array portfolio for proteomics research including arrays of proteins, antibodies, peptides and tissue extracts.