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Thermo Electron Extends its GC/MS Ion Trap Product Offering to Provide Instant Productivity and Value

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Thermo Electron Corporation has extended its PolarisQ ion trap mass spectrometer offering by incorporating the FOCUS GC with a Split/Splitless inlet. This totally new configuration is designed to provide laboratories with an easy to use, rugged solution that meets tight budget requirements, requires minimal operator training, and saves bench space.

The new FOCUS-PolarisQ is a complete GC/MS package which aims to provide affordable MSn capabilities to highly productive laboratories performing routine analyses and general teaching laboratories.

The FOCUS-PolarisQ utilizes external ionization to achieve maximum productivity and reliability while providing classical, library searchable spectra regardless of matrix and concentration. Additionally, the FOCUS-PolarisQ integrates full-scan MS and MS/MS modes by simultaneously capturing both spectra for each peak in the chromatogram.

The FOCUS-PolarisQ also features up to five stages of MSn using tandem mass spectrometry to remove the matrix ions from the mass spectrum. This method eliminates false positives and elevated concentration values from matrix interferences that can be present in other analytical methods.

To further increase productivity in the high-volume laboratory, the FOCUS-PolarisQ can be combined with the TriPlus autosampler for 24-hour unattended analysis, application-specific software packages for automated reporting, and also with two styles of Direct Sample Probes for sample introduction that reduce or eliminate sample preparation altogether.