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Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Tools to Study Active Serine Hydrolases

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Thermo Fisher Scientific, has announced the introduction of novel reagents for the study of active serine hydrolases. The Thermo Scientific ActivX Serine Hydrolase Probes contain a fluorphosphonate (FP) element that specifically binds to the active site of serine hydrolases.

The probes enable enrichment of serine hydrolase enzymes and determination of enzymatic activity using fluorescent SDS-PAGE, Western blot or mass spectrometry (MS) workflows.

Three ActivX® Serine Hydrolase Probes are available. The ActivX TAMRA-FP Probes can be used to label and detect serine hydrolase activity in samples using fluorescent gel imaging, capillary electrophoresis or MS.

The ActivX Azido-FP Probes can be used in combination with phosphine- or alkyne-derivatized tags for detection or enrichment. Lastly, the ActivX Desthiobiotin-FP Probes can be used for detection and enrichment of active-site-labeled proteins by Western blot and MS.

The ActivX Serine Hydrolase Probes provide sufficient reagent for 100 labeling reactions or 10 pull-down reactions. The probes store easily at -80°C for up to one year.