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Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces TiO2 Phosphopeptide Enrichment Kit

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Thermo Fisher Scientific, has announced the availability of the Thermo Scientific Pierce TiO2 Phosphopeptide Enrichment and Clean-up Kit for improving mass spectrometry analysis of phosphoproteins. The TiO2 resin in the kit provides an alternative to IMAC resins, and it enriches more phosphopeptides and preferentially enriches for monophosphorylated peptides.

When used in conjunction with the Thermo Scientific Pierce Fe-NTA IMAC Phosphopeptide Enrichment Kit, researchers can obtain a more comprehensive view of the different phosphopeptide species using mass spectrometry.

The Pierce TiO2 Enrichment and Clean-up Kit provides sufficient reagents to process 24 samples. The TiO2 Spin Tips in the kit recover up to 300 micrograms of phophopeptides, with greater than 90 percent selectivity. Clean-up of the recovered phosphopeptides is achieved with the Pierce Graphite Spin Columns included in the kit. The Pierce TiO2 Spin Tips and Pierce Graphite Spin Columns are also available separately.