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Thermo Fisher Scientific Offers new Reagents to Study Kinases

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Thermo Fisher Scientific, has introduced the Thermo Scientific Pierce Kinase Enrichment Kits. These kits use novel ATP- and ADP-based probes developed by AcitvX Biosciences to covalently modify active sites of ATPases, including kinases, chaperones and metabolic enzymes.

The probes feature a desthiobiotin tag, a biotin analog, attached to the nucleotide. The nucleotide binds to the active site of the kinase, whereas the desthiobiotin tag allows for capture and enrichment of the bound kinase. The desthiobiotin tag binds less tightly to biotin-binding proteins, making the capture bond easily reversible by biotin displacement, low pH or heat. The isolated proteins then can be further studied by Western blot analysis or mass spectrometry. The system is useful for inhibitor profiling and IC50 determinations.

The Pierce® Kinase Enrichment Kit is available with either an ActivX ATP- or ADP-based probe and includes all labeling and enrichment reagents. Both ActivX Probes are also available separately.