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Waters Corporation Launches PeptideWorks™ Tryptic Protein Digestion Kits

The Peptide Works kit.
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Waters launched its new PeptideWorks Tryptic Protein Digestion Kits to provide biopharma scientists with a comprehensive, automatable solution for rapid sample preparation for peptide mapping. By reducing missed cleavages and autolysis peaks, which can complicate data processing, the kits bolster digestion performance and provide exquisite baselines free from noise. The launch of PeptideWorks Tryptic Protein Digestion Kits completes Waters’ end-to-end solution for peptide mapping.  

PeptideWorks Tryptic Protein Digestion Kits deliver automatable, high efficiency, and reproducible peptide mapping:  

·         Quick sample preparation in under 2.5 hours (vs. standard “home-brew” methods of 6-8 hours), which is 4x faster than average home-brew methods allowing quick and confident decisions during critical data analysis for protein characterization. “Home-brew” is the most common protocol for protein digestion, which includes sourcing reagents individualized from various manufacturers, which often result in long and complicated development times. 

·         With clean baselines that minimize the number of unmatched peaks, such as under-digestion (78% reduction in missed cleavages vs. leading competitor), over-digestion (non-specific cleavages), or digestion of the enzyme itself (98% reduction in contaminating autolysis peaks vs. leading competitor). 

·         Achieve improved and automatable desalting with new fit-for-purpose Sep-Pak™ SEC Desalting Cartridges for reproducible and efficient salt removal with ≥ 80% protein recoveries. 

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PeptideWorks Tryptic Protein Digestion Kits alleviate the cumbersome steps of desalting (extracting salt content and denaturant) by automating both the desalting step and the entire peptide mapping sample preparation with one comprehensive kit for manual or automated workflows and eliminates the need to source multiple reagents. It is fully automated to provide robust, reproducible results, making for easier method transfer from lab to lab. 

PeptideWorks Tryptic Protein Digestion Kits offer scientists working in discovery or development and characterization within small to large biopharma companies, CROs, and CDMOs, a complete peptide mapping workflow. Complete kits cover sample preparation for the separation and detection on the Waters BioAccord™ System with ACQUITY™ Premier LC System coupled with data processing on waters_connect™ Software with Peptide Mapping and Peptide MAM apps. 


The kit offers five flexible formats to run up to 96 samples:  

·         (3) kits for denaturation, reduction, alkylation, desalting, and digestion, which includes starter kits (including ACQUITY Premier Peptide CSH™ C18 Column) and refill kits.  

·         (2) kits without denaturation, reduction, and alkylation, which includes starter kits and refill kits with desalting and digestion. 


The new kits address the challenge of long, irreproducible sample preparation of peptide mapping across all protein digestion sample preparation characterization workflows with high digestion efficiency within biopharmaceutical R&D.