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Waters Transforms HPLC Method Development with XBridge™ Column Family Sets

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Method development scientists looking to maximize efficiency and further improve pH stability and column reliability for reverse phase chromatography should look no further, according to Waters Corporation who have announced the launch of the XBridge HPLC column family at the International Symposium on High Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques (HPLC 2005).

The XBridge column family is a major expansion of Waters® 2nd generation Ethylene-Bridged Hybrid particle line (BEH Technology™). These breakthrough hybrid particles combine the efficiencies of silica-based materials with the pH resistance more common to polymer packing materials.

BEH Technology particles were first introduced as an enabling technology for the ACQUITY UPLC™ systems at The Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy in 2004, and expanded upon in 2005. When used in an UPLC™ system, these 1.7 µm BEH particles are characterized by their superior attributes of mechanical strength, pH resistance, and ultra high efficiencies.

This latest announcement expands BEH Technology into HPLC and preparative chromatography markets with the release of the larger XBridge HPLC column particle sizes. This launch demonstrates Waters'commitment to continued investment in particle research and development to provide reliable solutions for complex method development problems.

According to Damian Morrison, Column Technology Manager, "XBridge's significant leap in high pH phase stability will change the landscape of chromatography by allowing method developers to perform separations of the highest power. They can be confident that even the most challenging of sample mixtures can be separated more efficiently, significantly reducing method development time and complexity."

Based upon detailed customer feedback, BEH Technology was selected as a 2nd generation HPLC material for use in XBridge columns. The key goals were to; improve upon reversed phase performance by maximizing efficiency, significantly increase pH stability and continue to improve the column reliability for method development work.

The most efficient route to a robust complex separation is the use of a wide pH range column, with the highest stability possible at both low and high pHs. That column should ideally also be the most efficient possible, which is only achievable with the lowest tailing factors (especially for bases).

XBridge columns are available in three particle sizes (2.5 µm, 3.5 µm and 5µm) each with four chemistries (C18, C8, Shield RP18, Phenyl) in approximately 350 column dimension choices.