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CLARIOstar Plus Plate Reader - Get Better Data More Easily!

CLARIOstar Plus Plate Reader - Get Better Data More Easily!

Are you looking for a microplate reader that is flexible, sensitive and on top easy to use?

Then the CLARIOstar Plus is perfect for you! This multi-mode microplate reader combines flexibility with the best sensitivity of its class – the ideal reader for assay development and cell-based assays. It comes equipped with our patented LVF Monochromators™, highly sensitive filters, and an ultra-fast spectrometer.

Thanks to the Enhanced Dynamic Range technology and rapid, full-plate autofocus, every sample is automatically measured with the ideal settings without any action prior to the start of measurement, making manual settings superfluous and detection optimisation easier than ever. New users will be able to easily get started, while experienced ones will get better data, more quickly.
Whether in academia, a core facility, biotech or pharma, the CLARIOstar Plus can be used to address all life science research interests and supports all existing and future applications of your lab, including:

• DNA/RNA and protein quantification
• Bacterial growth
• Real-time cell-based assays, including viral infection and viral neutralisation
• Enzyme activity and kinetic assays
• Reporter gene assays
• Interaction and binding assays
• Aggregation studies
• Cell signalling
• …and much more

With more than 30 years’ experience in the microplate reader field, BMG LABTECH are the only leading company specialised solely in the development and supply of plate readers.

Request more information here or visit CLARIOstar Plus on our website.