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Orbitrap Exploris 120: Setting a New Horizon for Non-Targeted PFAS Analysis.

Orbitrap Exploris 120: Setting a New Horizon for Non-Targeted PFAS Analysis.

The Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap Exploris™ 120 mass spectrometer sets the new standard in instrument productivity and ruggedness. Designed for operational simplicity with ready-to-run method templates and a drag-and-drop user interface, you can focus on driving results with faster method set-up. This ease-of-use significantly accelerates the path to confident results for both expert and novice mass spectrometry users.

The Orbitrap Exploris 120 creates a new horizon for PFAS workflow applications with ultrahigh-resolution capability, minimizing false positives and negatives. Unlike other high-resolution mass spectrometry instruments, Orbitrap instruments generate high-resolution accurate mass (HRAM) data, which provides both low ppm mass accuracy and highly resolved mass measurements enabling excellent discrimination from matrix components which may contain similar masses.

Combined with a specific PFAS workflow built into Thermo Scientific™ Compound Discoverer™ software, this powerful combination expands your capabilities beyond quantification and identification of targeted PFAS analysis to include unknown identification with untargeted screening and retrospective data analysis.  The workflow leverages several mass fragment spectral libraries and PFAS fragment lists (some with 10,000 PFAS), along with the ability to search PFAS that are contained in the Thermo Scientific™ mzCloud™ mass spectral library and other on-line libraries.  In a single injection, only Orbitrap technology provides the ultrahigh-quality HRAM data needed to find other PFAS that may be in your sample with very high confidence.

With the ever-increasing numbers of contaminants that must be screened and quantified at increasingly lower concentrations, and in a wider variety of sample matrices, the need for powerful and accurate high-resolution LC-MS instruments will continue to rise. Comprehensive characterization of samples for unknown emerging contaminants requires high-resolution full-scan LC-MS methods. Orbitrap HRAM methods not only increase the potential targets monitored, but they also reduce false positives and per-sample costs, save time, provide more confidence in compound identifications, and allow retrospective data analysis.

The Orbitrap Exploris 120 provides a one-instrument solution for unknown identification, untargeted and targeted screening, and targeted quantitation that is accurate with a simplified user experience that does not require complicated, time-consuming method development and sample preparation.

For additional information, video tours and documents, visit the Orbitrap Exploris 120 product page.

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Product Specifications
Type Orbitrap LC-MS
Dynamic Range >5000:1 within a single Orbitrap mass analyzer spectrum
Mass Range 40 to 3000 m/z
Mass Accuracy External calibration achieves <3 ppm RMS drift over 24 hours Internal lock mass calibration achieves <1 ppm RMS drift over 24 hours EASY-IC achieves <1 ppm RMS drift for at least 5 days
Scan Rates Up to 22 Hz at resolution setting of 15,000 at m/z 200
Analog Inputs Channel 1 analog input (± 10 V) Channel 2 analog input (± 10 V)
Polarity Switching One Full Cycle* < 700 ms equals > 1.4 Hz one tSIM Scan cycle** < 600 ms equals > 1.6 Hz * one cycle consists of acquiring one Full scan in positive mode and one Full scan in negative mode at resolution setting 60,000 ** one tSIM scan in positive mode and one tSIM scan in negative mode at resolution setting 60,000
Description Orbitrap Exploris 120 MS
Weight (Metric) 120kg (265 lb.) without data system, vacuum rough pumps and optional items
Unit Size Each
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