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Save Time and Sample – Automate ELISAs With Ella™

Save Time and Sample – Automate ELISAs With Ella™

Eliminate the challenges that come with manual ELISAs. Meet Ella™ — your next
generation automated ELISA instrument from Bio-Techne. In just 90 minutes you get
highly reproducible validated assay data with no manual steps. The assay performance
behind that data includes sub-picogram level sensitivity, 4+ logs of dynamic range.
SimplePlex assayson the Ella™ instrument can be applied to research areas like Inflammation, Immune Profiling, Cell Therapy, Bioprocess Workflow and more. 

Fast and Efficient

Reduce manual steps by up to 80%.

Save time and maximize data with preloaded standard curves.

Get validated assay data in just 90 minutes

Highly Reproducible

Sub-picogram level detection provides superior assay sensitivity.

Reduce human error and variability with hand-free automation.

Get consistent, reproducible answers across multiple users and sites.

Accurate and Reliable

Generate triplicate data with only 25 µL of sample volume.

Eliminate cross-reactivity by detecting each analyte in separate parallel channels.

Transfer your immunoassay to other labs and get the same results.

See what your peers have to say:

“Ella allows for reproducible sample data with minimal sample input. The lower volume usage allows for the expansion of research into novel areas of angiogenesis and inflammation as they pertain to many forms of cancer."

— Andrew Nixon, Ph.D., M.B.A., Associate Professor, Medicine & Director, Duke University

“Simple Plex assays on Ella gave us speed and efficiency so we could complete our assays quickly, and the high quality of the data meant that we could easily see differences between disease state samples and controls. Plus, sample preparation was so simple it reduced chances of errors significantly.” 

— Paulomi Aldo, Research Associate and Reproductive Sciences Core Manager, Yale University

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