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11K graphic, representing 11,000 human protein measurements using the SomaScan Assay
Credit: SomaLogic


SomaScan® 11K Assay Services: Unparallelled Protein Content for High-Plex Protein Profiling and Biomarker Discovery

SomaScan® 11K Assay Services: Unparallelled Protein Content for High-Plex Protein Profiling and Biomarker Discovery
Credit: SomaLogic

The SomaScan® Assay, an industry-leading high-plex proteomic platform, enables 11,000 proteins measurements (including 10,000 unique human proteins measured) from only 55 µL of human plasma or serum. The assay provides an outstanding dynamic range, quantifying the relative levels of proteins across a 10-log range and demonstrate high specificity and excellent reproducibility with a median CV of ~5%).


• With 11,000 protein measures from a single 55-µL sample, the SomaScan Assay analyzes significantly higher number of proteins compared to traditional methods. This enables the discovery of previously hidden connections and potential biomarkers.

•The SomaScan Assay facilitates the identification of novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets, propelling drug development forward.

•Use SOMAmer® reagents, single-stranded DNA aptamers, to bind to specific proteins with high specificity and sensitivity. Unlike antibodies, SOMAmer reagents bypass pre-existing biases, opening the door to unexpected discoveries and deeper insights.

•Capable of handling large-scale studies and high-throughput screening, the SomaScan Assay is perfectly suited for diverse research projects.

Product Specifications
Menu size Enables 11,000 total protein measurements including 10,000 unique human proteins measured.
Sample volume 55µL human plasma or serum.
Reproducibility Median coefficients of variation (CV) of ~5%
Measurement range 10 log dynamic range from fM to µM
Sensitivity fM sensitivity: High affinity SOMAmer reagents provide detection of specific protein epitopes
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SomaLogic is fostering the discovery of effective and safer treatments for patients while empowering more accurate diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease through the next generation of proteomics.
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