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timsTOF HT: Expand the capabilities of high-throughput, 4D-Proteomics™

timsTOF HT: Expand the capabilities of high-throughput, 4D-Proteomics™

Powered by the 4th generation TIMS-XR and advanced digitizer technology for high dynamic range and analytical depth in quantitative cell and tissue proteomics will give you:

PASEF® technology on the timsTOF HT achieves 150 Hz sequencing speed without affecting resolution or sensitivity.

The unique instrument design enables robust performance and routine operation over thousands of samples without requiring cleaning.

High charge capacity of the 4th generation TIMS-XR for increased analytical depth.

Adding ion mobility separation to the advanced quadrupole and Time-of-Flight capacities.  

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Helping our customers improve health by proteomics 

PaSER - Parallel database Search Engine in Real-time

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