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CN Bio is a close-knit team of passionate scientists, engineers and creative thinkers, all working together towards a shared goal – a future where drugs are discovered more quickly, brought to patients more cost-effectively and with less animal experimentation. Day to day, their cohesive team design, manufacture, promote and support organ-on-a-chip solutions that enable their customers to do something incredible – recreate three-dimensional human organs and tissues in the laboratory to improve understanding of human physiology, disease and the effectiveness of new drugs.

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White outline of a human liver and blood vessels on a woman wearing a grey t-shirt.

A Reflection on Global Fatty Liver Day 2024: How Organ-on-a-Chip Addresses R&D Challenges

To commemorate Global Fatty Liver Day, this article explores how organ-on-a-chip models are transforming liver disease research.
An organ-on-a-chip.
Product News

CN Bio and Altis Biosystems Partner To Develop Next-Generation Human Gut/Liver In Vitro Model

Strategic partnership harnesses respective organ-specific expertise to provide complete human-derived Organ-on-a-Chip solution for more accurate in vitro ADME predictions.
Organ on a chip.
Product News

CN Bio PhysioMimix Organ-on-a-Chip Data Supports Inipharm’s INI-822 for Metabolic Liver Disease Treatment

PhysioMimix NASH assay used to provide human-relevant data on compound efficacy for Inipharm’s lead candidate, INI-822.
Cell culture.
Product News

CN Bio and LifeNet Health LifeSciences Partner To Supply Validated Primary Human Cells for Microphysiological Systems

A new partnership to provide customers with direct access to highly characterized hepatic cells to recreate advanced Liver-on-a-Chip assays. These will alleviate the need for stringent in-house quality control testing to maximize assay success.
The PhysioMimix™ Single-organ Higher Throughput System
Product News

CN Bio Extends Microphysiological System Portfolio

CN Bio has announced the commercial launch of the PhysioMimix™ Single-organ Higher Throughput System.
CN Bio’s PhysioMimix™ Multi-organ microphysiological system
Product News

The FDA Expands Collaboration With CN Bio To Evaluate Multi-Organ Microphysiological System

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and CN Bio have expanded their collaboration for the second time, with new research aiming to evaluate multi-organ MPS and their applications using the PhysioMimix™ Multi-organ System.
Dr Paul Brooks, CEO, CN Bio
Product News

CN Bio Appoints Dr Paul Brooks as Chief Executive Officer

CN Bio has announced the appointment of Dr Paul Brooks, formerly the Company’s Chief Business Officer, to the position of CEO with immediate effect.
The Human Touch: How Liver-on-a-Chip Addresses the Unmet Needs of Liver Disease Research content piece image

The Human Touch: How Liver-on-a-Chip Addresses the Unmet Needs of Liver Disease Research

Join the webinar to learn how:

• Liver disease progresses from a dysregulation of metabolism
• Lipid metabolism differs between mice and men and the impact this has on drug development
• Primary human NASH models can evaluate drugs that target metabolism
• NASH models allow the quantitation of lipid droplets, metabolism and fibrosis
CN Bio Opens New Laboratory Facilities To Extend Organ-on-a-Chip Contract Research Services Capabilities content piece image
Product News

CN Bio Opens New Laboratory Facilities To Extend Organ-on-a-Chip Contract Research Services Capabilities

CN Bio today announced the opening of new laboratory facilities at Cambridge Science Park, dedicated to its contract research services.
Bridging the Gap Between <i>In Vitro</i> and Animal Models of Liver Disease content piece image
Industry Insight

Bridging the Gap Between In Vitro and Animal Models of Liver Disease

We spoke to Dr. Audrey Dubourg, product manager at CN Bio to find out more about how its organ-on-chip platform could bridge the gap between the current 2D models and animal models, providing human-relevant insights into diseases such as non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.