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Air Analysis – Products

Cartoon of two scientists in a lab.
Product News

Bruker Showcases High-Performance Solutions at Analytica 2024 for Research and Analysis

Bruker Corporation (Nasdaq: BRKR) is showcasing some of its latest innovations at Analytica 2024.
Scientist behind a screen.
Product News

Azenta Launches the BioArc™ Ultra, a Breakthrough, Automated Solution for Efficient, Eco-Friendly Ultracold Sample Management

A cutting-edge, high-density, energy efficient -80°C automated sample storage system.
A lateral flow test.
Product News

GADx’s Rapid Diagnostic Test, BotrytisAlert, Demonstrates Utility Across Wine Production System

Lateral flow test enables Botrytis concentration to be measured in grape must and in finished wine, in addition to monitoring in the vineyard.
A Cherwell stand at a conference.
Product News

Cherwell To Advise on Reducing Risk With EM in Aseptic Processing

Cherwell, will be available at a number of aseptic processing focused events in September to advise attendees on how they can reduce risk with environmental monitoring (EM).
Agar plates overlaid with text.
Product News

New Study on Microbial Air Sampling Accuracy Finds Petri Dish Dimensions Can Impact Results

Cherwell has published findings of a new impartial investigation into the impact of using pre-poured Petri dishes from different suppliers for air sampling in cleanroom environmental monitoring programs.
A graph showing output power and wall plug efficiency as a function of drive current. Below the chip device can be seen with parts labeled.
Product News

Crystal IS and Asahi Kasei Announce New Record for Single-Chip Device Output

Asahi Kasei and Crystal IS have demonstrated their next-generation Klaran single chip UVC LED which emits at 160 mW in the ideal germicidal range of 260-270 nm.
A hand held microbial air sampler and booklets with the title "Does Plate Choice Change Sampling Accuracy?"
Product News

Study Finds Plate Choice Can Affect EM Microbial Air Sampling Accuracy and Annex 1 Compliance

Cherwell has published the findings of an investigative study suggesting that prepared media plate choice can affect the accuracy of microbial air sampling.
Updated Air Monitoring Requirements for Medical Device Manufacturers content piece image

Updated Air Monitoring Requirements for Medical Device Manufacturers

The EU GMP Annex 1 provides specific guidance on the manufacture of sterile medicinal products. Though it is a European guide for manufacturing, EU GMP Annex 1’s impact is global. So how does the latest revision affect you?
Cherwell’s range of cleanroom microbiology products.
Product News

Cherwell To Demonstrate New EM Product Pipeline at Pharmaceutical Microbiology Europe Conference

Cherwell will be exhibiting and discussing the latest additions to its high-quality range of environmental monitoring (EM) products at the Pharmaceutical Microbiology Europe Conference, in London, 16-17 January 2023.
Viral particles floating in a light grey background.
Product News

Element Materials Unveils One of the First and Largest Air Treatment Testing Facilities Designed To Support Indoor Space Public Health Air Quality

Element Materials Technology has unveiled one of the first and largest post-pandemic, commercial bioaerosol testing facilities.