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Behavioral Neuroscience – News and Features

A young child playing with a toy xylophone

First 16 Months a Critical Period in Toddler’s Brain Development, Imaging Study Finds

Researchers examined the brain activity of 16-month-old toddlers using a brain imaging technique. The results revealed that the first 16 months are critical for brain development, enabling toddlers to follow simple instructions and control impulses.
A person's ear poking through a hole in a piece of paper.

Researchers Reveal How the Brain's Orbitofrontal Cortex Aids Hearing

The human brain is remarkably adept at adjusting what we hear based on contexts, and researchers have revealed the role of the orbitofrontal cortex in this process.
A woman lies asleep in bed.

Self-Declared “Night Owls” Tend To Perform Better in Cognitive Tests

According to a new study, sleeping between 7-9 hours a night was optimum for brain function, boosting cognitive functions such as memory, reasoning and speed of processing information.
A pregnant person in a yellow dress holds their belly.

One in Ten Pregnant People Who Contract COVID Will Develop Long COVID

Nearly one in ten people who get COVID while pregnant will go on to develop long COVID, a new report has found.
Bats in flight against a pink sky with dark clouds.

Bat Heart Rates Measured for First Time in Flight

Researchers have, for the first time, measured the heart rates of bats as they fly, revealing how much energy the bats consume.
A young girl looks at something out of frame

Brain-Imaging Study Reveals Curiosity as it Emerges

According to research, when feeling curiosity, the brain shows high activity levels in the occipitotemporal cortex, which has long been known to be involved in vision and recognizing categories of objects.
Two dingoes.

Modern Dingoes Share Little DNA With Modern Dog Breeds

A landmark study of ancient dingo DNA revealed that modern dingoes share little DNA with modern dog breeds.
A person pointing at and interpreting some brain scans.

New Alzheimer’s Drug Donanemab Approved by FDA

The drug donanemab (also known as Kisunla™) has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of adults with early symptomatic Alzheimer’s disease (AD).
A close-up of a blue tit.

Blue and Great Tits Remember Where They Had a Great Meal

In the first experiment of its kind to involve wild animals, blue and great tits demonstrated ‘episodic-like’ memory to cope with changes in food availability when foraging.
An illustration of the brain.

How the Brain Signals for Extra Energy

A key mechanism that detects when the brain needs an additional energy boost to support its activity has been identified in a study in mice and cells led by UCL scientists.