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Biomarkers – Products

Cancer Cell Target
App Note / Case Study

Discover the Future of Cancer Research With Whole-Genome Sequencing

To accelerate the discovery of new cancer biomarkers and new insights into the genetics of treatment-resistant tumors, it is crucial to gain a deeper understanding of the genomic and epigenomic variations in cancer.
A scientist holding a rack of blood samples.
Product News

Sebia Launches M-InSight®, a Test for Monitoring Multiple Myeloma Patients

Corgenix, a Sebia Group company, CAP/CLIA clinical laboratory, positions Sebia to globally commercialize M-inSight®, a novel non-invasive liquid biopsy assay for Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) monitoring in multiple myeloma.
A microarray result.
Product News

Sengenics Corporation Launches I-Ome Discovery To Advance Immune Biomarker Discovery and Development

Microarray-based solution enables deeper investigations of the humoral immune response in disease biology.
Sensitive Bioanalysis of Biomarkers in Cerebral Spinal Fluid
App Note / Case Study

Enhancement of Sensitive Bioanalysis of Biomarkers in Cerebral Spinal Fluid

This app note highlights a highly sensitive method developed for the detection of GalSPH and GluSPH in CSF.

Get the Latest Clinical Insights for Tumor Exome Profiling

Get the Latest Clinical Insights for Tumor Exome Profiling

This whitepaper explores the latest reagents and software available to enhance tumor exome profiling for the generation of accurate, actionable clinical insights.

A doctor writing on a clipboard while talking to a patient.
Product News

CareDx’s HeartCare Multimodality Service Receives Medicare Coverage for Heart Transplant Surveillance

HeartCare Combines Testing Using Both AlloMap Gene Expression Profiling and AlloSure Donor-Derived Cell-Free DNA.
A female scientist holding a vial.
Product News

Sapient’s High Complexity CLIA Laboratory Receives Accreditation From the College of American Pathologists

Sapient has been awarded accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

Tumor Exosomes: A Messenger for Cancer Progression

This whitepaper explores the role of extracellular vesicles in cell-to-cell communication during cancer progression. It also highlights a range of high-quality recombinant proteins, antibodies and cytokines and to support exosome research.


Electron Activated Dissociation for Biologics Characterization

This content pack contains a variety of webinar and technical note resources to enhance the protein characterization potential in your biopharmaceutical workflows. Download this content pack to discover the latest, preoptimized methods for a variety of characterization workflows .
Cancer Drugs

How To Accelerate and De-Risk Drug Development in Oncology

Although there are initiatives to de-risk the drug development process, continually applying the same tools and approaches is unlikely to lead to innovative, first- or best-in-class targets and transformative progress.