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Cell Culture – Products

A scientist holding up a vial.
Product News

Sartorius Opens New Center of Excellence for Bioanalytics in Ann Arbor

The life science group Sartorius opened its new Center of Excellence for bioanalytics in Ann Arbor, Michigan, two years after breaking ground in the Tech Loop at Research Park.
Compendium Front Cover With Antibody Cells

Cell Culture Solutions for Biomanufacturing

Cell culture is an essential component in the manufacture of vaccines, therapeutic proteins and antibodies. So, to maintain product consistency and improve quality, researchers must fine tune at each step to maximize the potential of the cell line.
A scientist in a lab.
Product News

Sartorius To Advance Drug Discovery and Manufacturing With AI in Collaboration With NVIDIA

Sartorius to leverage NVIDIA solutions used in live-cell imaging platforms in drug discovery and predictive design of manufacturing processes, and more.
A scientist with an assay plate.
Product News

InSphero Secures Exclusive Commercialization Partnership With Genome Biologics for 3D Cardiac Organoid Platform

InSphero AG is pleased to announce its exclusive commercialization partnership with Genome Biologics, based in Frankfurt, Germany.
GMP Grade Solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy

High-Quality GMP Grade Products for Cell and Gene Therapy

Consistent GMP-grade products are crucial as key raw materials for safe and reliable cell and Gene therapy (CGT) manufacturing. We adhere to stringent regulatory guidelines to provide high-quality GMP biomaterials for various CGT applications.
Cerebral organoid, Cardiac organoid, Intestinal organoid, Organoid differentiation kit, Organoid maintenance kit, Organoid cryopreservation kit, Organoid services

Organoid Toolbox: Empowering Organoid Research with Comprehensive Solutions

Leveraging the human origin and remarkable physiological fidelity, organoids have become invaluable research tools in disease modeling, drug safety assessment, drug screening, and personalized medicine. We offer a complete toolkit, including ready-to-use organoids, specialized kits for differentiation, maintenance, and cryopreservation, along with comprehensive services to expedite your organoid research journey.
A close up of someone holding a small bottle.
Product News

GMP Collagen Type I Additive for Reinforcing Bioprinted Constructs

Produced using dry-spun 50 µm Collagen Type I fibers, AMSBIO has introduced the innovative CollaFibR™ additive proven to increase the shape fidelity and biological relevance of bioprinted constructs in hydrogels and bioinks.
Cell therapy.
Product News

Revolutionizing Patient Care: ProPharma and PBL Launch Innovative Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing Device

ProPharma, announced that in partnership with PBL, it developed an enclosed, fully automated cell factory device, the Cell Factory Box (CF Box).
Product News

Asimov Achieves 10x Improvement in Lentiviral Production, Launches New Stable Cell Line Development Service

Stable lentiviral (LV) cell line development service achieves unconcentrated titers >1E9 TU/mL for therapeutic transgenes. Fully stable cell lines have all viral genes and transgene stably integrated.
Cells under a microscope.
Product News

GMP Compliant Cell Culture Medium Streamlines API Manufacture

AMSBIO has launched an enhanced GMP-compliant version of its animal-origin-free, chemically defined StemFit™ iPSC expansion medium.