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Food and Beverage Analysis – News and Features

A Klebseilla bacterium interacting with another cell.

Bacteria in the Human Microbiome Help Counter Salmonella Infections

Researchers have identified two mechanisms by which Klebsiella bacteria can combat the spread of Salmonella in the gut.
Close up of a researcher wearing blue gloves collecting a soil sample.

Digging Deep: Emerging Contaminants in Soil

Soil could be our planet's unsung hero, quietly working behind the scenes to keep everything in balance. This article will discuss some of the worrying emerging contaminants detected in soil and how scientists are rising to the analytical challenge.
A healthcare provider placing a bandage on the injection site of a child who had just received a vaccination

Could a “Tailored” Vaccine Be the Key to Treating Eczema in Children

Researchers have uncovered important immune signatures in children with infected flares of eczema. Technology Networks spoke to Dr. Rachel McLoughlin to learn how these findings could guide the development of a tailored eczema vaccine.
Milk being poured into coffee.

How Do Milk Proteins Interact With Caffeine in Your Espresso?

Researchers took a molecular view of how milk proteins and caffeine molecules interact in water and in a coffee drink. The results suggest that the structures of milk proteins remain intact.
A plastic model of a human heart on a silver stand.

PFAS Linked to an Increased Risk of Heart Diseases in Postmenopausal Women

New research has linked multiple types of PFAS with increased risk of cardiovascular diseases in postmenopausal women, revealing how PFAS interact with pro-inflammatory pathways.
Bits of chocolate stacked.

Dark Chocolate May Pose Slight Heavy Metal Risk to Children

The findings appear to stand in contrast to the well-publicized results of a 2023 Consumer Report, which concluded that a third of chocolate products tested contained harmful levels of lead and cadmium.
A glass vial being lowered to the surface of a calm river
Industry Insight

Unraveling the Impact of PFAS

At analytica 2024, Technology Networks spoke with Dr. Susanne Soelter, field application specialist at Agilent, to learn more about the impact of PFAS and the challenges that come with PFAS testing.
A computer chip that looks like a human brain.

AI Identifies Knowledge Gaps in Global Antimicrobial Resistance Research

In a new study carried out by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Newcastle University, experts compiled a comprehensive database of 254,738 articles spanning two decades, shedding light on patterns of AMR research worldwide.
A pile of blueberries with water droplets on.

Blueberry Wine Can Sustain the Fruit's Benefits

Researchers have studied how the fermentation process affects the nutrients in blueberries as they are turned into wine, finding that the vinification process can maintain the benefits of the fruit.
Bacteria with tails.

Unique Immune Component Allows Deadly Strain of Cholera To Out-Compete Other Variants

The persistence of a deadly strain of cholera that emerged in 1961 has baffled scientists. New research has shown how it has managed to out-compete other variants.