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Food and Beverage Analysis – News and Features

A bowl of lettuce.

Lettuce More Susceptible to E. coli Than Kale and Other Brassicas

After exposing the vegetables to the bacteria and various temperatures, the researchers from the University of Illinois observed that lettuce was the most vulnerable to E. coli at room temperature.
A baby wearing a striped hat lays on a fluffy rug.

Lockdown Measures Affected Newborn Gut Microbiota and Allergies

Lockdown restriction had an impact on the gut microbiome development and rates of allergies in newborns, reports a new study.
Blue-green algae on water.

Blue-Green Algae May Hold the Key to More “Meat-Like” Proteins

Researchers have not only succeeded in using blue-green algae as a surrogate mother for a new protein – they have even coaxed the microalgae to produce "meat fiber-like" protein strands.
A cow grazing.

Leptospira Bacteria Genotyped for the First Time

Leptospirosis is a globally distributed infectious disease that affects both animals and humans. The serological diagnostic test performs better when local variants are used.

Drug Limits Dangerous Food Allergy Reactions in Children

A new drug can prevent dangerous allergic reactions to small quantities of allergy-triggering foods, making life saver for children with allergies.
A teacher standing in front of a class of children, some who have their hands up to answer a question.

IMiLi Aims To Address Microbial Education for All

Our education system fails to furnish young people who will go on to be decision-makers, at home and in the workplace, with an adequate grasp of microbiology. The International Microbiology Literacy Initiative (IMiLI) is hoping to address this.
Red apples.

New Coating Better Protects Fruit and Vegetables

Dr. Mustafa Akbulut, professor of chemical engineering, has teamed up with horticultural science professor Luis Cisneros-Zevallos to engineer longer-lasting, bacteria-free produce.
An enamel heart-shaped pride badge pinned on a doctor's coat

Look Under the Scope – LGBT+ History Month

The theme for LGBT+ History Month this year is Medicine – #UnderTheScope, celebrating the contribution of LGBT+ individuals to medicine and healthcare. Here, we explore key figures often passed over when recounting significant contributions to medicine.
The beef-rice hybrid.

Could Rice-Grown Beef Be the Food of the Future?

From lab-grown chicken to cricket-derived protein, these innovative alternatives offer hope for a planet struggling with the environmental and ethical impacts of industrial agriculture. Now, Korean scientists add a new recipe to the list.
A chocolate.

Chocolate Can Be Made Healthier (And Keep Its Flavor) With Oat Flour

Researchers at Penn State University say their bespoke chocolates, made with 25% reduced sugar and substituted oat flour, were judged equally delicious as standard chocolates by participants in a blind taste test.