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Immunoassays – News and Features

T cells.

How Do Immune Cells Switch From Being Killers to Forming Memories?

Reversible switch permits infection-fighting blood cells to change course to become long-lived memory cells instead of short-lived killer cells.
Human hand holding a variety of AI icons.
Industry Insight

The Ethical Implications of AI in Scientific Publishing

As the use of generative AI tools expands, and their potential in scientific research is better understood, there are ethical considerations to be made. Dr. Dror Kolodkin-Gal explores some of the issues and potential solutions.
Double helix structure of DNA.

Unveiling the Ocean's Genetic Secrets

The largest study of ocean DNA reveals the rich world of ocean microbes. With more than 317 million gene groups, the Catalog 1.0 is an open-source database that can drive biotechnology innovation and uncover the role of marine microbes.
An aerosol and the diagnostic particles under an electron micrograph.

New Urine Test Could Enable Early Lung Cancer Detection

The diagnostic, which requires only a simple urine test to read the results, could make lung cancer screening more accessible worldwide.
Supplements coming out of a container.

High Folic Acid and Low B12 Impairs Mouse Brain Development

Getting the right amount of folic acid intake is important for women who are planning to become – or are – pregnant. A new study in mice suggests excessive folic acid, and low vitamin B12, could cause adverse changes in neuronal development.
A medical drip bag attached to a stand.

More Cancer Patients Could Benefit From Immunotherapy, Study Suggests

Next-generation sequencing analysis suggests that revising cancer care guidelines could allow 6,000 more cancer patients each year to benefit from immunotherapy.
Multicolored cells in a circle.

PFAS Promote Migration of Lab-Grown Cancer Cells

PFAS compounds have been shown to induce migration of cancer cells, a feature of metastasis. Cancer cells exposed to PFAS also showed metabolic changes consistent with metastasis.
Hands hold two packaged joints of meat in a grocery store.

Meat Authenticity and Tackling Meat Fraud

Due to the horsemeat scandal that rocked the European food industry in 2013, the industry as a whole is now more prepared to tackle incidents of suspected fraud. This article explores the analytical tools used to authenticate meat and tackle meat fraud.
Gloved hands drop blood into a slide.

Blood Test Identifies Multiple Sclerosis Biomarkers With 90% Accuracy

A simple blood test that detects IgG antibody aggregates, a biomarker for multiple sclerosis, with 90% accuracy could enhance MS diagnostics.

Biologic Production and Host Cell Proteins

Host cell proteins can prove problematic for the development of novel biopharmaceuticals. This article will highlight some of the latest advances in host cell analysis strategies and how they are being implemented.