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Liquid Chromatography – Multimedia

Accelerate Drug Discovery With Chromatography

Accelerating Antibody Drug Development With Subdomain-Specific Affinity Chromatography

Affinity purification platforms such as Protein A or L are well-established in the manufacturing process of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. However, with the development of engineered modalities such as bi-specific antibodies, fragments and Fc-fusion proteins, challenges in the downstream process of these molecules arise.
Bile acid
App Note / Case Study

Enhance Your Annotation Confidence in LC-TIMS-HRMS-Based Bile Acid Profiling

Bile acids are well known for their roles in cholesterol homeostasis, lipid absorption and as metabolic signaling molecules. They are implicated in a variety of disease states and therefore serve as an exciting focus on research in novel biomarker discovery.

The Latest Analytical Techniques for PFAS Monitoring

This poster compilation outlines the latest LC-MS/MS and QTOF MS methods for accurate environmental monitoring.
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New Standards for Plasma Proteomics

Identifying novel biomarkers with bottom-up proteomics remains a substantial challenge due to the wide concentration ranges and potentially low abundance of important analytes.
Genotoxic App Note Preview
App Note / Case Study

Confidence in Compliance: Genotoxic Impurity Analysis

Stringent safety requirements associated with the analyses of carcinogenic and mutagenic impurities can present significant challenges. Methods must achieve a high level of sensitivity and selectivity while maintaining sufficient sample throughput.
Oligos with Confidence
App Note / Case Study

Characterize Your Oligos With Confidence

Custom oligo synthesis can result in the formation of impurities. Hence, final products must be characterized to ensure they meet quality assurance and control standards.
Precision Oligo Sequencing
App Note / Case Study

A Simplified Method for Precise Oligo Sequencing

LC/MS methods can be used to analyze a wide range of oligo samples. However, ion-pairing reagents can interfere with analyses and present challenges in multi-use systems.
Supercharge Your Mass Spectrometry Workflow content piece image

Supercharge Your Mass Spectrometry Workflow

Liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS) empowers labs with the ability to separate, identify, and quantify a wide variety of compounds. However, throughput limitations can make it difficult to meet increasing workflow demands.
Scientist Analysing

Reducing the Challenges Facing Pharmaceutical QC Analysts

In this episode we speak with Lise Gauthier a principal scientist within the QA/QC Business Strategy group.
Overcome Challenges in PFAS Analysis and Meet Evolving Requirements content piece image
How To Guide

Overcome Challenges in PFAS Analysis and Meet Evolving Requirements

Per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are used in a variety of industrial processes and consumer products. They are highly stable, resistant to degradation and persist in our environment as potentially hazardous ‘forever chemicals’.