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Liquid Chromatography – News and Features

Polystyrene bubbles in clusters.

New Biohybrid Catalyst Can Recycle Mixed Plastics

A new biohybrid catalyst constructed of an "anchor peptide" and a cobalt complex can oxidize polystyrene to facilitate its degradation, even in mixed plastics.
Blue and red lipid bilayer.

Bringing the Benefits of 4D-Lipidomics Research to the Clinic

The capabilities of trapped ion mobility spectrometry combined with automated data annotation software are driving new developments in lipid analysis. This article discusses how such advances are bringing the technology to more mainstream use, setting the foundations for future clinical research.
A person holds a small glass of water aloft with their fingertips.

New Analysis Method Can Detect Forever Chemicals in Under Three Minutes

A new laboratory method can detect the presence of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), more commonly known as "forever chemicals," in a matter of minutes.
A picture showing the drawing of blood.

Diagnostic Test Detects Ovarian Cancer With 93% Accuracy

Researchers have developed a machine learning-based classifier, which utilizes metabolic profiles of serum samples, to accurately identify people with ovarian cancer.
Algae bloom on the water.

Study Assesses Potential Health Hazards of Toxic Algae Blooms

To help uncover potential human health hazards associated with harmful algae blooms in the IRL, researchers collected water samples from 20 sites within the lagoon during wet and dry seasons over a three-year period.
A plastic water container.

Can Alkaline Water Treat Kidney Stones? It’s Unlikely, Say Researchers

After testing five brands of bottled water, the researchers from the University of California, Irvine, found that none contained significant levels of alkali that could raise urine pH enough to affect the development of kidney stones.
Icebergs from above.

“Forever Chemicals” Are Crisscrossing in the Arctic Ocean

PFAS circulating in the polar waters in an uneven feedback loop, whereby the Arctic Ocean exports almost as many chemicals to the North Atlantic Ocean as it receives back.
Petrochemical plant

Why Do We Need Effective Testing Methods in the Petrochemical Industry?

Petrochemicals are ubiquitous in modern-day society. In this article, we explore the need for chemical analysis in the petrochemicals sector and the use of techniques such as gas chromatography and trace element analysis to achieve this.
Molecular structure on a blue background

Identifying and Characterizing PFAS Compounds

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) do not readily break down in nature and so can become persistent pollutants. This article will explore the challenges of detecting PFAS compounds and how recent advancements in testing techniques are addressing these issues.
Hands hold two packaged joints of meat in a grocery store.

Meat Authenticity and Tackling Meat Fraud

Due to the horsemeat scandal that rocked the European food industry in 2013, the industry as a whole is now more prepared to tackle incidents of suspected fraud. This article explores the analytical tools used to authenticate meat and tackle meat fraud.