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Neuroimaging – News and Features

Maize plants growing in a field.

Roots Are Key to Drought-Tolerant Maize

Maize can grow successfully in very different local conditions. An international study headed by the University of Bonn has now demonstrated the important role of the plant root system.

Clinical Trial Offers Promising Results for Alzheimer’s

A team evaluated a new drug for enhancing the brain’s resilience to changes driven by Alzheimer’s, showing promising results for patients with mild to moderate forms of the disease in its first human trial.
A purple human brain.

Ketamine’s Molecular Action on Brain Network Function

New research addresses a gap in understanding how ketamine’s impact on individual neurons leads to pervasive and profound changes in brain network function.
Model of spinal vertebrae with osteoporosis.

Towards a Better Understanding of Osteoporosis: The Role of Solid-State NMR

This article explores how using solid-state NMR to study bone constituents in their native state can give researchers a deeper understanding of the mechanisms behind osteoporosis.
Image of neurons captured using a fluorescent microscope.

How Does the Brain Recognize Emotions?

The Genetics of Cognition research group has discovered a brain network present in animals and humans which allows to recognize others’ emotions.
A man walking into an archway with clouds around him.

Scientists Discover What’s Happening Inside a Sleepwalker’s Brain

Many adults will experience at least one episode of sleepwalking in their lives, but what is happening inside the brain during these episodes is yet to be uncovered. Researchers have offered insight into this sleep behavior in their recent study.
A page of music notes.

Singing Can Support Speech Rehabilitation After Stroke

Singing rehabilitates speech production in post-stroke aphasia. Researchers at the University of Helsinki investigated the rehabilitative effect of singing on the brain.
The shape of a brain in bright star shapes.

Engineers Create a New Method To Detect Light Deep in the Brain

A new method to label cells deep within the brain has been developed.
A generated image of a human brain on top of a computer chip.

Alzheimer’s Disease Types Linked to Rate of Cognitive Decline by New Tool

Mayo Clinic researchers have discovered a series of brain changes characterized by unique clinical features and immune cell behaviors using a new corticolimbic index tool for Alzheimer's disease, a leading cause of dementia.
A man touches his finger to his hearing aid.

Brain Research on How Humans Hear Sound Could Spark the Next Generation of Hearing Devices

Advanced knowledge of how humans process sound could unlock a new generation of more efficient hearing devices.