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PCR – Products

Cancer Cell Target
App Note / Case Study

Discover the Future of Cancer Research With Whole-Genome Sequencing

To accelerate the discovery of new cancer biomarkers and new insights into the genetics of treatment-resistant tumors, it is crucial to gain a deeper understanding of the genomic and epigenomic variations in cancer.
The PTC Tempo 4848 Thermal Cycler.
Product News

Bio-Rad Launches PTC Tempo 48/48 and PTC Tempo 384 Thermal Cyclers

Superior thermal performance and enhanced usability for PCR applications, such as sequencing, cloning, and genotyping.
The Cap2 PCR tube.
Product News

Dual-Cap Sample Collection Tube for Genetic Testing Workflows

Azenta Life Sciences has launched Cap2TM - a new 0.2ml PCR microcentrifuge tube featuring a novel dual-cap design with both hinged lid and screw cap to preserve the integrity of samples used in genetic testing workflows.
Sera Mag Oligo Bottle

Get an A+ in mRNA Extraction

Sera-Mag™ oligo (dT)-coated magnetic particles have very high, specific poly A+ binding capacity. They remove 90% or more of mRNA from total RNA with just one extraction in applications such as RT-PCR, cDNA library construction, cDNA microarrays, affinity purification, primer extension, and subtractive hybridization.
A DNA molecule with part of the structure broken off.
Product News

Integrated DNA Technologies and Aldevron® Activate Strategic Partnership

Under the new agreement, Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) will sell Aldevron cGMP-manufactured CRISPR nucleases to enable customers to rapidly transition from discovery to clinic.
Double helix structure of DNA.
Product News

3CR Bioscience, MolBreeding and HC Scientific Partner To Bring Genotyping Services to the European Market

3CR Bioscience Ltd. are delighted to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with MolBreeding Biotech Ltd. and HC Scientific to establish a new, cutting-edge lab facility in Europe opening at the end of 2023.
Externally threaded cryogenic sample storage tubes.
Product News

Externally Threaded Cryogenic Sample Storage Tubes

Ziath reports how its 2ml CryzoTraq™ 2-ECT storage tube maintains high sample integrity by minimising the chance of cross-contamination as their externally threaded design eliminates the possibility of sample encountering the screw thread.
Data reproducibility for safer gene therapy
App Note / Case Study

Data Reproducibility for the Development of Safer Gene Therapies

Immunogenicity is a key consideration in the development of safe gene therapy products. In fact, certain product components can cause unintended immune responses with life-threatening implications if not addressed.
The Mirage 2D barcode reader.
Product News

A Powerful Solution for PCR Sample Management in Molecular Diagnostics

The Mirage 2D barcode reader from Ziath has been optimized for reading Individual Access 2D coded PCR plates from 4titude, both part of Azenta Life Sciences, Burlington, MA.
Cell and Gene Therapy Applications

Cell and Gene Therapies: Innovations and Applications

Cell and gene therapies seek to correct the root cause of an illness at the molecular level. These game-changing medicines are reshaping how we address previously untreatable illnesses – transforming people’s lives.