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Single-Cell Analysis – News and Features

Purple cancer cells swirl against dark normal cells.

“Starving Out” Lung Cancer Cells May Be a Promising Therapy

Starving out tumor cells may be a promising therapy for treatment-resistant lung cancer, reports a new study.
The inside of a cell, featuring A4Cell's microchip.
Industry Insight

Monitor What’s Happening Inside Your Cells in Real Time

At ELRIG’s Research and Innovation 2024 event, Technology Networks spoke with A4Cell to learn about its SPAchip® technology, which consists of intracellular silicon microchips that monitor cellular pathways in real time.
immunofluorescent staining shows a lymph node that has been significantly expanded in mice with the help of the biomaterial MPS-vaccine (on the right), next to a lymph node taken from non-treated control mice (on the left) at the same time post-vaccination.

Biomaterial Vaccine Enhances Lymph Node Expansion and Boosts Anti-Tumor Immunity

A biomaterial vaccine enhances and sustains lymph node expansion following vaccination, boosting anti-tumor immunity in an animal model.
A colorized scanning electron micrograph of a malaria parasite infecting a red blood cell.

Insights Into Malaria Parasites Sexual Development Reveals Opportunities To Prevent Disease Spread

For the first time, the developmental stages of the deadliest human malaria parasite have been mapped in high resolution, revealing opportunities to prevent the spread of disease.
Dr. Sarah Teichmann standing next to a building and pond.

From School Science Club to Cell Atlasing With Dr. Sarah Teichmann

In this interview, Dr. Sarah Teichmann shares insights into her research interests, the goals and progress of the HCA to date, as well as her thoughts on how women can begin and build successful careers in science.
Cancer cells.

Biomarkers Linked to Cell Therapy Response for Bone Marrow Tumors Identified

In a recent clinical study, researchers identified several biomarkers that are associated with the response to CAR T cell therapy in multiple myeloma, a malignant tumour disease in the bone marrow.
A 3D model of human lungs.

Harmless Particles Found To Improve Immune Response

The immune system trains its response whenever it encounters such a pathogen. Yet researchers at the University of Bonn have now shown that even harmless particles help to improve the immune response.
Cancer cells.

Pre-Ketone Supplement With Immunotherapy Shows Promise for Prostate Cancer in Mice

Adding a pre-ketone supplement – a component of a high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet – to a type of cancer therapy in a laboratory setting was highly effective for treating prostate cancer.
Illustration of a human form

Dissecting the Proteome To Understand Disease

Proteomics provides insights into the regulation of biological processes and mechanisms of disease. In this article, we explore approaches scientists are using to find early markers of disease, new drug targets and strategies to overcome resistance to treatments.
Multimodal analyses of cells from abnormal tunnels in Crohn's disease converge to illuminate underlying pathomechanisms.

Single-Cell Analysis Reveals Mechanism of Common Crohn’s Disease Complication

Study identifies key pathways underlying perianal fistula, a complication that is more prevalent and severe in African American populations.