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Synthetic Biology – News and Features

A scientist with an assay plate.

Protein Evolution Research Could Open Path to Drug Diversity

Many important medicines, such as antibiotics and anticancer drugs, are derived from natural products from Bacteria. By exploring protein evolution, a team has found new "fusion sites" that enable faster and more targeted drug development.
The ends of cut wooden logs.

Transforming Wood Waste for Sustainable Manufacturing

Lignin is an abundant byproduct of paper manufacturing that could be broken down to form compounds usually sourced from petroleum, reports a new study.
Petri dishes in gloved hands.

Scientists Engineer a New Mold-Burger

Despite the unappealing origins of the fake meat, burgers derived from different fungi species have become supermarket staples in recent years thanks to rising consumer interest in environmental sustainability and meat-free lifestyles.
A prototype electronic sensor.

Discovery Could Pave the Way for Universal Automated Drug Discovery

Rice University synthetic biologists have found a way to piggyback on the glucose monitoring technology used in automated insulin dosing systems and make it universally applicable for the monitoring and dosing of virtually any drug.
A graphic representing the human genome.

What’s the Latest in CRISPR Gene-Editing Technology?

Featuring research from the Doudna laboratory, the University of Harvard and the Center for Advanced Bioenergy and Bioproducts Innovation, this round-up piece discusses the latest research advancements in CRISPR technology.
A capsule split in two with metal molecules spilling out of it.

Platform Developed To Enhance Drug Discovery

In a new study, researchers describe the development of a new technological platform that will enhance the accuracy and efficiency of drug discovery related to a large family of important pharmacological targets.
Three scientists positioned around a globe and labware, with various icons symbolizing sustainable science.
Industry Insight

Supporting Sustainable Biopharmaceutical Production With Plant-Based Plastic Labware

Encouraging scientists to rethink the materials and methods they use will help to foster a culture of sustainability within research institutions and across various industries. Technology Networks spoke with Dr. Joel Eichmann from Green Elephant Biotech to learn more about the creation of its plant-based plastic labware, and his broader vision for embedding sustainability within the biotech industry.
A person looks down from space towards the Earth.

The Next Chapter of Science

Join us as we explore how innovation, ethics and even aesthetics look set to influence the landscape of life science research, creating new possibilities for treating human diseases, feeding our growing population and nurturing the scientists of the future.
Two researchers in a lab.

Unlocking Affordable Synthetic Biology With Low-Cost Microbe

Cornell researchers have created a new version of a microbe to compete economically with E. coli to conduct low-cost and scalable synthetic biological experiments.
Red and white and blue and white capsule drugs.
Industry Insight

Sourcing Chemistry From Inside Humans

In this interview, Dr. Jason Park, co-founder and CEO of Empress Therapeutics, tells us more about the Chemilogics platform and the benefits this approach to drug discovery can offer.