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Synthetic Biology – News and Features

Two researchers in a lab.

Unlocking Affordable Synthetic Biology With Low-Cost Microbe

Cornell researchers have created a new version of a microbe to compete economically with E. coli to conduct low-cost and scalable synthetic biological experiments.
Red and white and blue and white capsule drugs.
Industry Insight

Sourcing Chemistry From Inside Humans

In this interview, Dr. Jason Park, co-founder and CEO of Empress Therapeutics, tells us more about the Chemilogics platform and the benefits this approach to drug discovery can offer.
A bacteriophage.

Researchers Are Engineering Viruses To Kill Deadly Pathogens

Researchers have successfully coaxed a deadly pathogen to destroy itself from the inside out. In the new study, researchers modified DNA from a bacteriophage or “phage,” a type of virus that infects and replicates inside of bacteria.
A close up of someone with acne on their chin.

Engineered Skin Bacteria Secrete and Produce Molecules To Treat Acne

An experimental study led by the Translational Synthetic Biology Laboratory of Pompeu Fabra University has shown that a type of skin bacterium can efficiently be engineered to produce a protein to regulate sebum production.
Illustration of gloved hands using scissors and tweezers to alter a DNA double helix.

Genetic Modification Techniques and Applications

Manipulating genetics has helped mankind in numerous ways. In this article, we consider genetic modification strategies, including genome editing and genetic engineering, the techniques used to achieve them and purposes to which they are applied.
An illustration depicting synthetic biology.

Synthetic Biology: Nature's Tools, Redesigned

Kerry Taylor-Smith explores the latest advances in synthetic biology, from the development of new agricultural biotechnology tools to therapeutics and diagnostics.
Synthetic Chromosomes/DNA in a test tube.

Researchers Are “CReATiNG” Synthetic Chromosomes Faster and Cheaper

A new technique to clone and reassemble DNA, dubbed CReATiNG, could simplify and lower the cost of making synthetic chromosomes. Potential applications are numerous, including pharmaceutical production, biofuel generation, and cancer therapies.
An AI-designed protein in detail.

AI Advancement Allows the Generation of Proteins With Exceptional Binding Strengths

A new study reports an AI-driven advance in biotechnology with implications for drug development, disease detection, and environmental monitoring.
A silver strand of DNA.

RNA Polymerase Can’t Tell Artificial DNA From the Real Thing

Researchers have shown that RNA polymerase recognizes and transcribes artificial DNA base pairs in the same manner as it does natural base pairs.
An image of a cell.

Second “Code of Life” Cracked by AI

Researchers have cracked the second "code of life". In an exclusive interview with Technology Networks they explain how.