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Therapeutic Delivery – News and Features

The crystal structure of a lattice.

“Better Than Graphene” Material May Improve Implantable Technology

The atomically thin version of boron, borophene, has been made chiral to enable it to interact in unique ways with biological units.
A needle inserted into a vaccine vial.

Experimental mRNA Brain Cancer Vaccine Evaluated in Small Trial

A new mRNA vaccine has shown promise in activating the immune system against a highly lethal type of brain tumor, according to results from a first-in-human clinical trial of four adult patients with glioblastoma.
Someone holding out a test tube and a DNA double helix.

Electricity Could Make Cells More Receptive to Certain Gene Therapies

A team of researchers in electrical engineering at the University of Wisconsin–Madison has developed a stimulating method that could make the human body more receptive to certain gene therapies.
A 3D graphic representation of a spherical-shaped, measles virus particle.

Microarray Patches Safe and Effective for Vaccinating Children, Study Finds

The first study of the use of microarray patches to vaccinate children has shown that the method is safe and induces strong immune responses.
Ribosome translating mRNA into a polypeptide chain.
Industry Insight

Tuning the Therapeutic Properties of tRNAs To Treat Rare Diseases

Michelle C. Werner discusses how tRNAs could transform the drug development paradigm from gene-centric to gene-agnostic and accelerate new therapies for 30 million or more patients whose genetically driven disease can be classified under Stop Codon Disease.
A cannabis farm and a picture of Dr. Schlag

Overcoming Drug Propaganda to Lead Europe’s Largest Medical Cannabis Trial: A Q&A With Dr. Anne Katrin Schlag

Dr. Schlag, acting CEO of Drug Science, discusses how the research group's work rises above traditional drug messaging.
Schematic representation of SemaCyte microcarriers including optical barcodes.
Industry Insight

Tackling Unmet Drug Screening Needs

In this interview, Jeroen Verheyen tells us about Semarion, its SemaCyte technology and how it can help to address unmet drug screening needs.
A close up of a patients hand attached to a tube feeding medicine.

New Closed-Loop Drug Delivery System Could Improve Chemotherapy

To make chemotherapy dosing more accurate, MIT engineers have come up with a way to continuously measure how much drug is in the patient’s system during the hours-long infusion.
A sketch of the spine on a clipboard.

Spinal Cord Injury Alters Neuronal Activity and Triggers Fat Tissue Leakage in Mice

Spinal cord injuries result in a cascade of abnormal activity in neurons, causing fat tissue compounds to leak and pool in the liver and other organs.
A watercolor painting of viruses.

Novel Hydrogel Therapy Impedes Invading Pathogens

A novel hydrogel therapy could be a first line of defense against viruses and other biological threats.