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Vaccine Manufacture and Supply – News and Features

Purple strand of mRNA.
Industry Insight

Creating the Right Environment for mRNA To Thrive

Scott Ripley explores how realizing the potential of mRNA therapeutics will require the standardization of processes, manufacturing agility and collaboration between industry, academia and government bodies.

Close up of a syringe drawing liquid from a vial.

Transformative Technologies in Vaccine Manufacturing

Vaccines are the most cost-effective strategy to prevent and suppress global infections. This article explores innovative strategies and technologies shaping the production of vaccines, ensuring rapid development, scalability and global accessibility.
Two syringes filled with pale yellow liquid.

Nanoparticle Discovery Could Make Vaccines More Powerful

A type of nanoparticle can activate a powerful immune response, showing promise for use as both the vaccine delivery system and as an adjuvant.
Three scientists positioned around a globe and labware, with various icons symbolizing sustainable science.
Industry Insight

Supporting Sustainable Biopharmaceutical Production With Plant-Based Plastic Labware

Encouraging scientists to rethink the materials and methods they use will help to foster a culture of sustainability within research institutions and across various industries. Technology Networks spoke with Dr. Joel Eichmann from Green Elephant Biotech to learn more about the creation of its plant-based plastic labware, and his broader vision for embedding sustainability within the biotech industry.
Vaccine vials.

Cameroon Launches Historic Malaria Vaccine Rollout

Cameroon today launched the RTS,S malaria vaccine into its routine national immunization services, becoming the first country to do so outside the malaria vaccine pilot programme that was carried out in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi.
A gloved hand holds a syringe filled with yellow liquid.

Vaccine Lowers Cholesterol Levels in Preclinical Trials

A newly developed vaccine could offer an inexpensive way to lower "bad" cholesterol, improving heart health.
A child receives an injection from a clinician.

Most US Parents Plan To Vaccinate Their Children Against the “Tripledemic”

The first national study of its kind suggests that most US parents plan to vaccinate their children against influenza, COVID-19 and respiratory syncytial virus.
DNA double helix unravelling.

Synthetic DNA Advances Will Catalyze the Next Wave of Biotherapeutic Innovation

This article explores how biopharmaceutical organizations seeking to remain competitive must adopt innovations, like cell-free long DNA synthesis, to unleash the potential of synthetic biology and accelerate therapeutic development across all facets of genetic medicine.

Oversized syringe containing a vaccine being injected into the world.

Next-Gen mRNA Technology: A Crucial Pandemic Preparedness Tool

Drew Burch discusses how next-gen mRNA technology is one of the most valuable tools to combat and control disease outbreaks and why continued investment in this field is crucial for maintaining our pandemic preparedness.
Vaccine vials overlaid with blue lines and circles to represent a data network.

Accelerating Vaccine Development With Automation

This article will outline how automation is currently adopted in vaccine development, including workflows and methods to improve efficiency. In addition, it will explore future opportunities to implement automation when developing vaccines.