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A Stroke of Bad Luck: The 2019 Paget Lecture by Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell

Video   Jan 02, 2020 | Original video from Understanding Animal Research


Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Manchester gave the 2019 Paget Lecture. She presented her ground breaking work on stroke and the role of inflammation in brain damage, that has recently translated into clinical trials.

The Stephen Paget Memorial Lecture is a scientific lecture that commemorates the life of Dr Stephen Paget. Stephen Paget (1855 – 1926) was the founder of the Research Defence Society, a forerunner of Understanding Animal Research. As a medical doctor, he believed passionately that better science and understanding of physiology would lead to better medical treatments. After his death in 1926, he was greatly missed by his colleagues and by the scientific community. The first Stephen Paget memorial lecture was given in 1927 to commemorate his life and allow leading bio-medical scientists of the day to talk about their research. You can read and see nearly a hundred years of these lectures on Animal Research Information here: http://www.animalresearch.info/en/medical-advances/articles-lectures/

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