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Massague Lab - Don't Stop Pipetting (Don't Stop Believing Parody)


Just some young postdocs
Trying to make it to the top
One took the midnight tram
Going back to lab

For the past twelve months
Paper's been stuck in review
Ten new experiments 
From damn reviewer two

Been working day and night 
When there's been no end in sight
Can they keep up the fight
It goes on and on and on and on

Labmates, waiting
For an empty T.C. hood
Biohazards, spilling to the floor
Keyboards, clacking
Trying to find a correlation
Hope those p-values hold up

Lab meeting
Makes postdocs frantic
No data sends them into panic
Paying anything to see that band
Just one more time

Can't make sense, of the data
Somehow it all leads back to TGF-Beta
Oh lab meeting's starting up 
It goes on and on and on and on 

Tap tap, aspirate
Dispense eject, over and over
Arthritis, carpal tunnel in your future
Lab mates, searching 
For that common stock reagent 
Someone took that last drop of FBS

Don't stop pipetting 
Get those assays working 
Last figure's almost complete

Don't stop pipetting 
Keep those gels running 
You'll get that Cell paper after all

Don't Stop!