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Scaling Single-Cell Omics With Automated Liquid Handling

By unravelling the complexity of biological systems, single-cell sequencing has proven to be a powerful tool in understanding cellular heterogeneity at an unprecedented resolution, providing valuable new insights into cell development and disease progression. However, achieving high-quality sequencing libraries at scale demands a huge amount of precise, low-volume liquid handling steps that can quickly become a drain on time and resources.

In this podcast, we delve into the development of innovative technologies that are overcoming these challenges. We explore how Scale Bioscience’s combinatorial indexing library preparation and the firefly® liquid handling automation platform from SPT Labtech are transforming single-cell sequencing and traditional manual library preparation workflows. By prioritizing scalability, usability and versatility, learn how these technologies work in synergy to deliver a cost-effective solution for labs looking to enhance and streamline their operations.