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Cyagen webinar hosted by Technology Networks, July 13, 2023 at 5pm BST

Accelerating CAR T-Cell Therapy Research for the Fight Against Cancer

Join us for a deep dive into cell immunotherapy in the context of CAR T-cell therapy for cancer treatment. This webinar will explore the background and evolution of CAR T cells, offering insights into the practical applications of CAR T-cell therapy through a series of case studies.

Our expert speaker will discuss the current market presence of CAR T cells and the market potential for cell therapy research. You’ll gain a comprehensive overview of the products available to support your cell therapy research, including CAR vectors, cell lines and mouse models.

Our speaker will also introduce Cyagen’s one-stop cell therapy service platform, which covers antibody development, CAR molecular design and lentiviral preparation.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Discover the principles of cell therapy
  • Learn what the CAR T-cell therapy market looks like
  • Gain insights into cell therapy CRO services
  • Hear about the one-stop platform and cell therapy products offered by Cyagen
Keynote Speaker
A picture of Dr. Mark Lötzerich
Dr. Mark Lötzerich
Senior Scientific Manager, Business Development, Cyagen
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