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Build Up Your Protein Formulation Toolbox With Uncle

Build Up Your Protein Formulation Toolbox With Uncle content piece image

In the world of protein formulations, just one poorly behaved excipient can ruin your day… and your dataset. The wrong excipient can promote unfolding or aggregation, so having a big toolbox handy to test how a formulation behaves can save the day. Uncle’s unique combination of fluorescence, SLS, DLS and wide variety of applications means the right tool for the job is always handy – thermal stability, isothermal experiments, KD & B22, G22 and more. Uncle even has a tool for those really unruly excipients that throw a wrench in your data by fluorescing or quenching fluorescence while you’re trying to see your protein’s intrinsic fluorescence. Uncle’s full-spectrum fluorescence detection sees fluorescence issues, lets you diagnose what’s going on and helps you solve the problem by changing up your analysis.

This talk will look at the many tools Uncle can use to screen formulations for their impact on protein stability, and how Uncle helps you keep an eye out for any nasty surprises that oddball excipients can throw your way.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Learn about more protein and formulation characterization tools
  • See how the right biophysical tools give flexibility and a more complete answer
  • Understand the pros and cons of various characterization approaches
Kevin Lance Ph.D.
Kevin Lance Ph.D.
Marketing Manager, Unchained Labs