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Cloning in the Third Dimension: Breakthroughs in 3D Biology content piece image

Cloning in the Third Dimension: Breakthroughs in 3D Biology

Traditional organoid culture can present challenges for the downstream analysis of single organoids. In this webinar, Dr. Allysa Stern will discuss a unique workflow that enables clonal organoid development, monitoring of iPSC differentiation over time and automated isolation of single organoids. 

Dr. Scott Magness will then present a case related to his group’s work investigating tumor cell heterogeneity through clonal organoid morphology and transcriptomics. He will discuss new approaches using single organoid transcriptomics to evaluate organoids derived from single cells from gastric dysplastic tissues and how this approach might reveal new ways to investigate tumor cell heterogeneity and evasion of some cells from cancer treatments.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Learn how to accelerate the utility and reproducibility of iPSC-derived organoids
  • Learn about clonal tumor organoid transcriptomics  
  • Gain an understanding of tumor cell heterogeneity

A picture of Dr. Scott Magness
Dr. Scott Magness
Associate Professor - UNC/NCSU Joint Departments of Biomedical Engineering
A picture of Dr. Allysa Stern
Dr. Allysa Stern
Scientist II - Cell Microsystems
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