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Improving Intact Antibody and Plasma Glycoprotein Analysis with Native MS and Parsimonious Charge Deconvolution


Improving Intact Antibody and Plasma Glycoprotein Analysis with Native MS and Parsimonious Charge Deconvolution

Who's speaking at this Webinar?

Albert Heck Ph.D.
Scientific Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Utrecht University
Eric Carlson, Ph.D.
President and CEO, Protein Metrics

Recent developments in mass spectrometry technology have enabled the analysis of intact native glycoproteins and protein complexes using Orbitrap mass analyzers with extended mass ranges  (EMR). High sensitivity and resolution enable the profiling of critical quality attributes and biosimilarity of protein biotherapeutics in their native states with minimal sample preparation. In this webinar, Albert Heck, Ph.D., will describe native mass spectrometry and the Orbitrap EMR.  He will demonstrate how native mass spectrometry can be used, either alone or in combination with middle-down proteomics, to profile complex structures of various glycoproteins, focusing on intact antibodies, plasma proteins, and Erythropoietin variants.

Dr. Heck will also describe how high-resolution native mass spectrometry along with a new “parsimonious” charge deconvolution algorithm enables his laboratory to analyze targets that were previously too difficult for intact mass analysis. 


For the past 25 years, almost all intact mass analysis in both academia and industry has relied upon one well-established algorithm for charge deconvolution.  Over this time period, mass spectrometry instruments have improved enormously in speed, sensitivity, and resolution. At the same time target samples have expanded to include protein complexes, highly glycosylated proteins, antibody-drug conjugates, and heterogeneous protein mixtures. These advancements have left room for algorithmic innovation, as demonstrated by the new charge deconvolution algorithm in Protein Metrics’ Intact Mass ™ software.  Intact Mass ™ computes artifact-free neutral mass spectra over wide m/z, mass, and intensity ranges for difficult targets including oligomeric protein assemblies and densely populated co-occurring proteoforms. 

Attend this webinar to discover

  • How to deconvolve wide m/z and m ranges, with high dynamic range, while producing minimal artifacts
  • Native mass spectrometry using Orbitrap platforms
  • The impact of Intact Mass™ to improve speed, sensitivity and avoidance of algorithmic artifacts
  • How to automatically match proteoform masses, including clips
  • Hybrid bottom-up / intact analysis of highly glycosylated proteins


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