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Cytvia Lateral Flow

Lateral Flow Assays: Test Development, Optimization and Troubleshooting

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Lateral flow assays provide a simple and reliable assay for detecting specific biomarkers above their tested detection threshold. However, clinical professionals have a persisting need for increased sensitivity as they aim to identify these biomarkers at earlier and earlier stages of disease progression.

When selecting materials for immunoassay development, membrane properties and reagent properties must be considered together, as their interactions determine the outcome of test development.

Join our webinar, hosted by Klaus Hochleitner, to discuss key considerations for lateral flow test development and optimization and troubleshooting techniques for different samples, tests and antibodies.

Attend this webinar to: 

  • Review the key steps of the lateral test development process
  • Learn how to understand your biological system to make better material, reagent and antibody selection decisions
  • Understand key reasons for inaccurate or inconsistent results with different samples, tests and antibodies using troubleshooting techniques

Dr. Klaus Hochleitner
Dr. Klaus Hochleitner
Global Lead Technical Product Specialist, Cytiva
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