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Using Single-Cell Proteomics and Transcriptomics To Understand Gene Regulation

In this webinar, Dr Nikolai Slavov will describe how the SCoPE2 method can increase quantitative accuracy and throughput while lowering cost and hands-on time by introducing automated and miniaturized sample preparation, enabling analysis of the emergence of cellular heterogeneity as homogeneous monocytes differentiated into macrophage-like cells in the absence of polarizing cytokine.

He will demonstrate how SCoPE2 quantified over 3,042 proteins in 1,490 single monocytes and macrophages in ten days of instrument time, allowing the team to discern single cells by cell type.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to quantitatively anaylze proteins in single cells 
  • How to set up automation and miniaturize sample preparation 
  • How to jointly analyze transcriptomics and proteomics data from single cells
Dr Nikolai Slavov
Dr Nikolai Slavov
Assistant Professor, Bioengineering Department and Barnett Institute, Northeastern University