High Purity Plasma Extraction


To learn about some of the challenges of extracting plasma from blood, and how a recently developed microfluidic device could help overcome some of these, we spoke to Dr. Weihua Li.

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Neurons Signal Spinal Cord Vascularisation


A study in zebrafish reveals neurons play an important role in signaling blood vessel growth.

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RF-6000 Spectrofluorophotometer

Featured Product

Delivering high speed, stability and sensitivity, and incorporating intuitive LabSolutions RF software, Shimadzu’s RF-6000 Spectrofluorophotometer offers the ultimate performance for challenging applications in such markets as chemicals, environmental, pharmaceutical, foods, and life sciences.

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Optimization of a Vacuum Ultraviolet Photoionization source for GC used with a High Resolution TOFMS


-Tune solution allows optimization of ion source parameters for
both proton transfer and direct ionization
-Independent ionization processes exist for M+ and MH+
-Optimizing for dopant signal intensity yields inferior results
-Degree of fragmentation remains relatively constant over a
range of source conditions

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New Urine Test Quickly Detects Whether a Person Has a Healthy Diet

New Urine Test Quickly Detects Whether a Person Has a Healthy Diet

Scientists have developed a urine test that measures the health of a person's diet. The five-minute test measures biological markers in urine created by the breakdown of foods such as red meat, chicken, fish and fruit and vegetables.

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Yeast Programmed to Convert Plant Sugars into Oils

MIT engineers have genetically reprogrammed a strain of yeast so that it converts sugars to fats much more efficiently, an advance that could make possible the renewable production of high-energy fuels such as diesel

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The German National Center for Tumor Diseases, Protagen Collaborate

The collaboration will investigate the responsiveness to checkpoint inhibitors in melanoma.

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Brain-on-a-Chip Models Brain Connectivity

Researchers from Harvard University demonstrate the potential of the chip to model neurological and psychiatric diseases.

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