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Latest App Notes & Case Studies

Identifying Monoclonal Antibodies
App Note / Case Study

Discover the Latest in Protein Sequencing Technology

This application note demonstrates the successful identification of two low-abundance monoclonal antibodies using next-generation protein sequencing.
Gene Helix
App Note / Case Study

Oligonucleotide Purity Analysis With Side-Product Identification and Quantitation

Oligonucleotides play a crucial role in modern drug development, therefore their accurate characterization is essential. However, given the sheer complexity and diversity of the types of oligonucleotides that are in clinical development, a range of diverse analytical approaches are necessary.
App Note / Case Study

Large DNA Fragment Analysis: Constant- vs Pulsed-Field Electrophoresis Technologies

This application note compares the use of pulsed- and constant-field technologies to support researchers in choosing the most suitable automated instrument for their sequencing workflow.
 DNA fragments
App Note / Case Study

Detecting Adapter Dimers in NGS Libraries

This technical overview highlights the latest fragment analysis and electrophoresis solutions for adapter dimer detection. It explores how greater detection and resolution capabilities can support sequencing efficiency and quality control (QC).
pharmaceutical protein
App Note / Case Study

Accelerate Your Biologics Analysis With Machine Learning

This application note highlights how combined machine learning and FTIR technology can enhance the overall efficiency of your analytical workflow.
Consolidate R&D Laboratory Testing to Unlock Productivity Gains
App Note / Case Study

Consolidate R&D Laboratory Testing To Unlock Productivity Gains

This case study highlights the process DuPont, a multinational chemicals company, went through to select a LIMS provider and the significant benefits they experienced as a result.
Protein Sequencing
App Note / Case Study

Protein Sequence Analysis: Next-Generation vs Mass Spectrometry Methods

Mass spectrometry is regarded as the gold standard for protein identification; however, this technique cannot easily discriminate between protein variants and is not accessible to everyday scientists due to the high cost, space and expertise required.
Data reproducibility for safer gene therapy
App Note / Case Study

Data Reproducibility for the Development of Safer Gene Therapies

Immunogenicity is a key consideration in the development of safe gene therapy products. In fact, certain product components can cause unintended immune responses with life-threatening implications if not addressed.
App Note / Case Study

Accelerate Discovery with SWATH DIA Mass Spectrometry

This application focus presents the exciting technology behind advances in DIA and discusses how it can be used to enhance research.
Antibody Aggregates
App Note / Case Study

Efficient Removal of Aggregates From Monoclonal Antibodies

Monoclonal antibody (mAb)–based therapeutics have been very successful in treating various diseases, including cancer. The manufacturing of these therapeutic antibodies is a complex operation with low levels of aggregates being a critical quality attribute of the final product, as this will impact the biological activity.