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Latest App Notes & Case Studies

engineered stable mAbs
App Note / Case Study

Biologics Developability: Optimization of Engineered mAbs With Multi-Parameter Stability Characterization

The biologic drug development process is expensive and often leads to time and money lost on candidates that never reach the clinic. Improved developability profiles enable researchers in the early discovery stages to select candidates that have a great chance at clinical success.
Enviro and Food samples
App Note / Case Study

Achieve Robust Analysis With Environmental and Food Samples

This case study highlights how cutting-edge GC-MS/MS revolutionizes the analytical processes when performing environmental and food analysis.
Volatile Organic Compounds
App Note / Case Study

Optimized Analysis of Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds

This app note explores the latest quadrupole gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS) system which can fulfill EPA analytical criteria and features an innovative detector system providing enhanced performance.
Cytokine Quantitation
App Note / Case Study

Discover Fast and Reproducible Cytokine Quantitation

This application note showcases an automated immunoassay platform which surpasses the capabilities of ELISAs for single- or multi-analyte quantitation in biological matrices.
Immune Cell Types
App Note / Case Study

Quantitative Cell Profiling of Immune Cell Types From Whole Blood Samples

This application note explores an optimized RNA-sequencing workflow that reliably determines cell subset abundance and cell-type-specific gene expression profiles from bulk tissue or blood expression data.
Testube for solid Tissue Samples
App Note / Case Study

Quantitative Profiling of Cell Type Composition in Solid Tissue Samples

This application note explores the performance characteristics of a tissue panel for profiling both FF and FFPE tissue samples using a state-of-the-art software solution for digital cytometry.
Neuro Research
App Note / Case Study

Speeding Up Neuroscience Research

Delve into this case study to explore how a research lab at King’s College London used hiPSC-derived neurons to shed light on synaptic biology and potential treatments for psychiatric conditions.
Neuro Program
App Note / Case Study

Precision Reprogrammed iPSC Models for High-Throughput Drug Discovery

This app note delves into the role of TDP-43 protein aggregates in the disease's progression. Charles River Laboratories and bit.bio present a breakthrough in ALS research with genetically matched ioGlutamatergic Neurons, providing a crucial in vitro model.
Drinking Water
App Note / Case Study

Ensure Compliance in Your Drinking Water Analysis

This application note explores an analytical workflow which enables laboratories to perform uninterrupted analysis of water samples for extended periods while exceeding EPA regulatory thresholds.
Environment analysis
App Note / Case Study

Robust Analysis of Environmental Samples for Compliance

This application note explores how an ICP-MS analytical workflow offers a comprehensive solution for effective analysis across varying sample matrices.