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A graphic of a hand of someone giving blood.

LGBTQ+ Health Expert's Take on FDA's Updates to Blood Donation Guidelines

We spoke with Professor Perry N. Halkitis, dean, distinguished professor and champion of LGBTQ+ rights, about the US FDA's recent reversal of its time-based deferrals and screening questions specific to gay and bisexual men for assessing blood donation eligibility.
A strand of DNA disintegrates into the letters of the nucleotides.

The Glue of Genomics: Will Science’s Unsung Data Heroes Abandon Academia?

This article will review the latest advances in next-generation sequencing technologies, data analysis tools and their various applications with key research examples.
A gloved hand holding up a small transparent vile containing pink liquid with a laboratory shelf in the background.

Septic Shock and Metastases: Finding the Culprits

A new molecule, based on the anti-diabetes drug metformin, can bind copper, found to be important in acute inflammation, sepsis and cancer dissemination, and thus holds great promise for new therapy.
Field of wheat.

Precision Breeding Act: How New Legislation and Genomic Technology Will Sustainably Feed Our World

In this opinion piece, Neil Ward discusses how the passing of the Genetic Technology "Precision Breeding" Bill could support global efforts to increase food production sustainably.
A transparent cell with blue nucleus.

Advances in Cell Therapy

In this article, we review the latest research in cell therapy development, including advances made in the lab that show promise for translation to the clinic, to improvements in developing, testing and manufacturing.
Teflon pan on a black worktop.

Inside the Evolving Landscape of PFAS Regulation

In this article, we take a look at the risks that PFAS pose and how national governments and international institutions are introducing regulatory policies and guidelines aimed at stemming the tide of PFAS production and protecting the public from exposure.
Microscope image.

Improving Image Integrity in Scientific Papers

This article sheds light on the issue of image integrity in academic publishing and gives advice on how to reduce the risk.
Illuminated strand of DNA.

Building the Bioeconomy Requires Addressing Biosecurity Globally

In this opinion piece, Sophie Peresson explores the need for greater visibility globally on biosecurity issues and strategic leadership from multiple stakeholders to drive the conversation around standards and best practices.
Cartoon of a tablet displaying scientific data.

Improving Time-to-Value for GxP Computer Systems

Jim Brooks shares top tips to overcome the biggest validation challenges and best practices for building and implementing a digital process data strategy to lead to smarter and faster validation.
A pulse.

The Pulse: Psychedelic News From Technology Networks Issue 3

Hello and welcome to the Pulse, the monthly psychedelics industry roundup from Technology Networks and Analytical Cannabis. Here, we’ll highlight some of the most significant psychedelic industry news from the past month, including important announcements, pre-clinical work and the latest from groundbreaking psychedelic clinical trials.