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Latest Articles

Female scientist using a tablet to check lab inventory.

Break Bottlenecks in the Lab With Digitalized Lab Management Systems

One key bottleneck in a laboratory setting is the amount of time wasted by researchers on inventory management. Explore how digitalization could help to overcome this.
Abstract human surrounded by metabolites.

How Advances in Metabolomics Are Driving Disease Research

This article takes a look at some of the latest developments and emerging applications in the metabolomics field.
A scientist with gloved hands using tweezers to pick up a sample of a dried bean from a selection of pots of pulses.

Chromatography Techniques Shed Light on the Pervasive Toxins in Our Food Supply

Researchers shed light on the pervasive presence of natural toxins, environmental pollutants and food-processing contaminants in our food and review the techniques used to detect them that are gaining popularity.
A graphic representing the human genome.

What’s the Latest in CRISPR Gene-Editing Technology?

Featuring research from the Doudna laboratory, the University of Harvard and the Center for Advanced Bioenergy and Bioproducts Innovation, this round-up piece discusses the latest research advancements in CRISPR technology.
A row on people sitting in a conference talk taking notes.

Separation Scientists Gather To Exchange Ideas

The 34th International Symposium on Chromatography (ISC 2024) will be taking place this October in Liverpool, UK, but what will ISC 2024 offer attendees and what does the event mean for the scientific community?
A row of pipettes filled with red liquid

High-Throughput Screening: Advances, Applications and Combined Approaches

In this article, we highlight various high-throughput screening strategies being used to interrogate large libraries of compounds and hear from researchers working to further streamline specific approaches to increase speed and improve quality and accuracy.
Five natural killer cells attacking a tumor cell.

Natural Killer Cells: NK Cell Origin, Function and Related Conditions

In this article, we consider what natural killer (NK) cells are, how they are generated, their function in the body and conditions related to them.
Red cancer cells adhered to a grey surface.

Tumor Heterogeneity: Navigating the Next Frontier in Cancer Research

Some types of cancer are still extremely challenging to successfully treat. Once the disease has spread, it is very hard to cure. This article will explore the various types of tumor heterogeneity, how heterogeneity can impact treatment resistance and its influence on precision medicine.
Various pills on a table with a magnifying glass over one, bringing into focus.

Drug Repurposing Strategies, Challenges and Successes

In this article, we explore the evolution of drug repurposing from a serendipitous occurrence to a more formalized endeavor involving advanced computational approaches and bioengineered test beds, considering its advantages, challenges and successes.
Coffee beans.

Coffee and Your Health: The Good and the Bad

We break down some of the key, recent coffee-health research in this article.