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Latest Articles

Honey dripping from dipper stick.

Why Are Bees Making Less Honey? We Asked a Researcher

Technology Networks spoke to Dr. Gabriela Quinlan, a research fellow in Penn State’s department of entomology and center for pollinator research, to find out why US bees are becoming less productive.
A person looking up to the sky.

What Role Does Beauty Have in the World of Science?

In this interview, Dr. Brandon Vaidyanathan describes what is meant by “beauty” in science, how it can be studied and the implications of such research.
A diagram showing the steps of CAR T-cell therapy

The Applications of Cell Therapy

Cell therapy refers to the transplantation of human cells to either replace or repair damaged tissues and/or cells. In this article, we expand upon the applications of cell therapy, including its utility in cancer, regenerative medicine and autoimmunity.
Headshots of humans representing diversity in a population.

For Variant Interpretation, a New Generation of Cancer Knowledgebases Can Help

In this article, the latest challenges in interpreting complex genomic cancer profiles and the improvements needed to overcome them are discussed.

A person holding a magnifying glass to a reproductive system model.

What We Know – And Don’t Know – About PCOS

Up to 70% of women affected by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) remain undiagnosed worldwide. In this article, we take a deep dive into the PCOS research landscape. How is the disorder diagnosed? What causes it? What treatments are available?
A doctor in a lab coat overlaid with a graphic representing the use of AI in medicine.

Applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Clinical Trials

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are pretty much everywhere there are computers and connected devices. This article explores the use of AI in the process of drug discovery and clinical trials.

Are Nitrites and Nitrates Bad for Us?

Dr. Duane Mellor, an award-winning registered dietitian, explains the differences between nitrites and nitrates and why some health experts are concerned about them.
Various oral medicines falling onto a tabletop.

Understanding Binding Kinetics To Optimize Drug Discovery

The efficacy of a drug candidate not only depends on the drug–target binding affinity, but also on the binding kinetics. This article outlines why studying drug binding kinetics is important in drug discovery, covering key approaches to measure the drug–target kinetics.
Simplified illustration of an aquaponics system versus a hydroponics system.

Aquaponics vs Hydroponics

This article highlights the key differences between hydroponic and aquaponic growing systems, their current applications and future perspectives on their role in sustainable farming.
Illustration of gloved hands using scissors and tweezers to alter a DNA double helix.

Genetic Modification Techniques and Applications

Manipulating genetics has helped mankind in numerous ways. In this article, we consider genetic modification strategies, including genome editing and genetic engineering, the techniques used to achieve them and purposes to which they are applied.