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3D rendering of a dendritic cell, showing the finger like projections on its surface.

Dendritic Cells: Dendritic Cell Origin, Function and Related Conditions

In this article, we consider what dendritic cells are, how they are generated, their function in the body and some medical conditions related to them.
A speaker is presenting to a crowd at a conference

How To Identify Predatory Conferences With Susan Veldsman

Predatory conferences mimic legitimate academic events but lack essential academic standards. Susan Veldsman, Director of the Scholarly Publication Unit at ASSAf, scrutinizes these deceptive practices in Technology Networks’ Ask Me Anything session.
A teacher standing in front of a class of children, some who have their hands up to answer a question.

IMiLi Aims To Address Microbial Education for All

Our education system fails to furnish young people who will go on to be decision-makers, at home and in the workplace, with an adequate grasp of microbiology. The International Microbiology Literacy Initiative (IMiLI) is hoping to address this.
Illustration of sunshine on solar panels from which pipes run with a car parked behind the panels surrounded by barley fields

All-Perovskite Scalable Photoelectrochemical System for Solar Hydrogen Generation

Scientists have developed a novel system that efficiently converts solar energy to hydrogen in a scalable way, while addressing stability issues that had previously been a barrier to usability.
Human cells.

The Need To Scale Single-Cell Functional Studies

Kathrin Herbst reviews the pros and cons of various single-cell technologies and discusses the need to move to functional readouts in the future.
A mug of tea.

From PFAS to Microplastics, What Might Be Leaking Out of Your Teabag?

Depending on the brand, your favorite cup of tea could be contaminated with billions of microplastics and/or traces of per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).
Blue and red lipid bilayer.

Bringing the Benefits of 4D-Lipidomics Research to the Clinic

The capabilities of trapped ion mobility spectrometry combined with automated data annotation software are driving new developments in lipid analysis. This article discusses how such advances are bringing the technology to more mainstream use, setting the foundations for future clinical research.
Electric vehicle plugged in to charge.

Charging Forward: How Calorimetry Drives EV Battery Innovation

This article discusses how developers are using calorimetry to inform decision-making surrounding battery design and manufacture, and explores how increasing battery size needs to be supported with larger and more comprehensive testing equipment.
An abstract image of flowers and other items growing out of a human skull.

The Brain Might Not Be a Blank Slate at Birth After All

Locke argued that the brain is a "tabula rasa" at birth. Neurobiology has mostly agreed with this notion, until recently. Dr. George Dragoi presents a new theory for neurodevelopment that points to the existence of a pre-existing dynamic in the brain.
A person looks down from space towards the Earth.

The Next Chapter of Science

Join us as we explore how innovation, ethics and even aesthetics look set to influence the landscape of life science research, creating new possibilities for treating human diseases, feeding our growing population and nurturing the scientists of the future.