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Post-Hoc Tests in Statistical Analysis content piece image

Post-Hoc Tests in Statistical Analysis

In this article, we review the function of post-hoc tests in statistical analysis, how to interpret them and when to use them (and not use them).
A pregnant woman stands over a cot.

Do Cesarean-Born Babies “Miss Out” on Essential Microbes?

Much research has focused on the gut microbiome, but we also carry microbes in other bodily parts, including the respiratory tract, skin and genitalia. How do other microbiomes, beyond the gut, develop during infancy, and can factors such as delivery method affect their development? Technology Networks interviewed Dr. Wouter de Steenhuijsen Piters to find out.
Four different tablet types sit on or around a white puzzle piece.

Fragment-Based Drug Discovery Enters the Mainstream

This article will discuss the principles of fragment-based drug discovery and will highlight some examples of recent successes in this area.
A scientist uses a pipette while wearing blue gloves. The image is overlaid with white dots and lines to represent a network.

Embracing Data-Driven Modeling Approaches Into Biopharmaceutical Processing

This article explores new workflows using data-driven modeling to improve culture medium and new control algorithms allowing for better modulation within the bioprocess design space.
Gorilla hiding in vegetation in the jungle.

Where the Wild Things Are: Zoonotic Research Requires a Focus on the Wild

In this opinion piece, Han Wei and Brittany Niccum outline the need for vigilance about what’s happening in the natural world and how collaboration can help to identify and prepare for the next significant zoonotic threat.
3D rendering of protein structures using computer modeling techniques.

Key Techniques in Structural Biology, Their Strengths and Limitations

Structural biology uses a variety of techniques to determine the 3D structures of biomolecules such as proteins, nucleic acids and their complexes. In this article, we consider the key techniques, their role in structural biology, strengths and limitations.
Graphic showing a diverse group of individuals.

Embracing Diversity To Advance Science and Clinical Care

Variation is a powerful force in biology. This article explores the importance of moving away from one-size-fits-all approaches and towards diversifying cell lines and clinical trials.
Female scientist working with tablets and vaccine vials in the background.

Full Capabilities Manufacturing: Partner Reliance To Reach the Clinic Faster

In this article, Michael Landau outlines factors driving biopharma companies to rely on CDMOs and highlights some of the contributions that CDMOs bring to their customers.

A prototype of the solar still, some orange peel in a dish and a container of MXene powder with a lab in the background.

How Do You Make a Water Purifier From Fruit Waste?

Singapore scientists have demonstrated that fruit peels can be used to purify water, an innovation that can be employed in remote areas and disaster zones where electricity access is limited.
White laboratory mouse sitting on top of test tubes.

Advanced Oncology Treatment Candidates Developed With Next-Generation Preclinical Models

In this article, we explore the role of preclinical models in oncology drug discovery and how the right model can help to accelerate the development of the most promising treatments.