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Exploring the Coronavirus Pandemic: Expert Insights on Tackling the Outbreak

Exploring the Coronavirus Pandemic: Expert Insights on Tackling the Outbreak content piece image
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The first few months of 2020 have seen the spread of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) across the globe and with it, an almost constant stream of news coverage, research and opinions. To help cut through the noise, we wanted to hear from experts to find out what we already know about the outbreak and how it is being tackled.

Disease Modeling Phylogenetics

In this interview, Dr Emma Hodcroft, a Molecular Epidemiologist from the University of Basel, explains how disease modeling works and the impact that limitations have had on our reactions to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Viruses and Antiviral Therapies

Prof. Ben tenOever from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai discusses the coronavirus pandemic and the possibility of using antiviral therapies to tackle the spread of the virus.

Making Sense of the Pandemic

We speak with Dr Joe Hanson from “It's Okay to Be Smart” about the reality of COVID-19, making sense of the situation and how to understand the science behind this pandemic.

Scientists on Standby – Working Together to Beat Coronavirus

Dr Paul Avery talks to The Science Explorer about Scientists on Standby a volunteer organization whose goal is to create a real-time network of overflow scientists, labs and other partners that will work together to help meet the testing needs of hospitals and other healthcare providers.

Expanding COVID-19 Testing in Shipping Container Labs

In this interview, Marcus Walker and Matthew Donora from Open Cell, a collaborative lab facility based in London's Shepherd's Bush, discuss how they plan to help increase the UK's COVID-19 testing capacity by tens of thousands of tests per day.

Developing New Diagnostic Test for COVID-19

Dr Ben Orsburn describes a new LCMS assay for testing COVID-19 and the need for expanding testing labs.