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Exploring the Coronavirus Pandemic: What Lessons Can We Learn?

Exploring the Coronavirus Pandemic: What Lessons Can We Learn? content piece image
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With modern advances in healthcare, it would be easy to think that global pandemics are a thing of the past. The rampant worldwide spread of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) has shown us otherwise, explains Dr Joe Hanson, biologist and presenter of “It’s Okay to Be Smart”.

Whilst this outbreak has highlighted our vulnerability, it is just one of the many lessons we can learn from this pandemic. It has also demonstrated the resilience of our research and healthcare infrastructures, our ability to change the way we approach the sharing of research and importantly, it shows how well the general public can cope in a crisis.

Speaking with Technology Networks, Hanson explains in further detail the key messages we can take away from the current pandemic.

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